Lookup a License/Charter Help

Access the "Lookup a License/Charter" under the Online Services link to bring up the criteria search. This is where you can search for any regulated entity that the Office of the State Bank Commissioner regulates. These include:

For more information about who we regulate, click here.

Using the Search

As a general rule, use as few criteria as possible when performing a search. You can search by business name, location information, status of the license/charter, or type of business performed.

To select multiple business types, hold the CTRL button on your keyboard when selecting with your mouse:

selecting multiples with CTRL button

If you know the license/charter/CUSIP number, you can enter that directly into the second field of the License/Cert Number:

license number field shown

Once you've initiated a search, click the Detail to the left of any license to see additional information about the business. This information varies by the type of instituation, but can include things like bank trust powers, NMLS number, supervising company, licensed loan originators, and other relevant information.

lookup detailed view after clicking detail

lookup detailed view after clicking detail

Tips for License Lookup