Renew a License

Some licenses are now able to be renewed on OSBC Online. If your license is eligible, you will be instructed to file your renewal online prior to the expiration date.

Table of Contents

First Time Logging In
Begin Renewal
Forgotten User ID or Password
Change User ID or Password
Error When Hitting Next
Print Renewal
Do Not Want To Renew/How Do I Surrender My License?

First Time Logging In?

If this is your first time using our Online services to renew your license, you should have been provided a username and password.

Upon your first login, you will need to perform 3 tasks before proceeding to the renewal:

Once these requirements have been satisfied, you can proceed to the online renewal.

Begin a Renewal

Under the Online Services dropdown, click "Create/Resume a Renewal". From here, click Start next to the license you are renewing. Proceed through the renewal application by clicking "Next".

Create/Resume a Renewal

If a fee is owed to renew, you will be prompted to "Add to Invoice". This will redirect you to the Online Payment Portal to process your renewal fee. Finally, you will receive an email receipt from confirming your payment.
Payments will appear on your bank account as ""

Forgot Your Username/Password?

Use the "Forgot User ID" and "Forgot Password" links under the username/password field. You will need access to the email address on file. If you need additional assistance, contact the Licensing department at (785) 296-1378 or by email at

Update Account Information

You are free to update the username, password, and email address at anytime by clicking "My Account" once logged in.


Error message generated when clicking Next

Error generated with decimal usage

Certain fields request only whole numbers are entered into them. To resolve, press your back button and navigate back through the renewal screens, removing any decimals on questions that indicate whole numbers only.

How can I print my renewal?

Print renewal information

On the review step of the online renewal, click the "Print Review" button in the upper right corner to save a listing of your answers. If you've already submitted your renewal, contact and ask for a copy of provided information.

How do I surrender my license?

If you do not wish to renew your license, email with explanation of surrender.